Coronavirus: Learning new skills during a pandemic. As COVID-19 or SARS-CoV-2 continues to spread rapidly around the world protocols were needed to lessen the amount of COVID patients. That is why non-essential establishments are closed, cities are on lockdown, and schools as well as companies decided to work from home. Due to these circumstances your sleeping schedule is probably a mess, and you’ve been binge watching a bunch of K-dramas or movies on Netflix. That might be one way to spend your time, but have you consider learning a new skill?

We all have different interests, whether it’ll be about Business, Programming, Arts, Music, or Literature, it is always nice to expand once interest. This is the perfect time to enhance that skill or interest.

Here’s the list of websites where you can enhance that skill of yours, be inspired and learn from others.

1.UDEMY (Paid / Free):

Udemy offers a wide range of courses such as Personal Development, Business & Marketing, Office Productivity, IT and Software Design, as well as Health & Fitness. Most of the time Udemy offers a 90% discount on each course, but this doesn’t happen all the time, so if you want you can visit it now at, but before you do let me expound what Udemy has to offer.

Choosing the right course is a little challenging because anyone can teach in Udemy, so make sure to choose the right courses for your needs, once you’ve successfully finished the class, you’ll be able to acquire a certificate. This certification will be helpful in your resume or in LinkedIn account

Take note that you should pick the courses with high ratings and excellent reviews to maximize the money, time and effort spent learning on a new skill.

2.Skillshare (Paid):

You’ve probably heard or saw Skillshare from YouTube or have seen it in other social media platforms, just like any other website on this list Skillshare also offers a wide range of courses, but unlike Udemy that you need to pay for the courses individually, Skillshare offers subscriptions which you can avail monthly or even yearly. Allowing you to dive into a wide range of skills. You can try it now, for free for 14 Days. Check it here.

3. EdX (Paid / Free):

This platform was launched by MIT and Harvard University in May 2012 with the Partnership of Microsoft, Arizona State University, Tech Mahindra, and other reputed universities from all over the world. Just like Freecode Camp, EdX is a non-profit organization, which offers a university-level courses in a wide range of topics some of their popular courses on EdX are Computer Science, Language, Data Science, Business and Management, Artificial Intelligence, Engineering and Humanities.

I strongly recommend this platform for students to recall, browse, or learn something new on their favorite courses.

4. LinkedIn Learning (Paid):

LinkedIn let’s you manage your professional identity, Builds and engage with your professional network, and access knowledge, insights, as well as offers opportunities.

This platform is well-known among professionals. If you are looking for a job this platform is for you, It also offers the possibility to add certifications to your LinkedIn profile, so you’ll be able to showcase your ability and improve your online resume this is a must if you want to attract recruiters on the hunt for top talent.

LinkedIn Learning offers courses in Business, Technology, and Creativity. you can check this link to learn more:

4. LinkedIn Learning (Paid):

If you are into programming, Freecode camp is a non-profit organization where you can learn programming as a beginner and make your way up to becoming an expert. It covers the Front-end to Back-end web development, data structure, and algorithm. As a personally acclaimed Front-end web developer, I’ve used this platform to learn the basics of programming and it helped me a lot throughout my Web developer journey.

Coronavirus: Learning new skills during pandemic

Let’s use our time more efficiently! Good luck on your new learning experience. 🤗

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