If you think you need coding knowledge to create a website, think again.

Let me show you how to make a website in WordPress using Elementor Builder and Astra Themes.


Here’s the list of the things we’ll do:

  1. Purchasing Hosting and Domain
  2. Installing WordPress
  3. Installing Elementor Builder/Astra Themes
  4. Publish Website

Step 1: Purchasing Hosting & Domain We will be using Hostinger as our hosting provider, it’s fast, cheap, reliable, and user-friendly cpanel. check here to know more about Hostinger. *90% Discount click this link –> THIS LINK 🙂 First Go to Hostinger.com

A. You can choose between 1 Month to 48 Months Subscription. Personally, I prefer the 12- month hosting package because it comes with a free Domain name. B. You can place your desired domain name in the bar on the lower left corner (You’ll find a yellow speech bubble that says – Grab a free domain) 😎

Step 2: Installing WordPress
There are two ways to install WordPress. First is what we are currently doing right now, the other way is installing it on your localhost. In regards to installing WordPress via localhost, I’ll write a separate blog about it soon.

Choose the domain you wish to add on the hosting 😎

Click auto install, Then select WordPress then choose the domain you wish to install WordPress.

Wait until the installation done, then go to your wp-admin 😎

You have now created your WordPress admin panel, Pretty simple. Yeah? 🤘

Now let’s proceed to the next step of “How easy to create a WordPress Website” 🤘

Step 3: Installing Elementor Builder/Astra Themes
Elementor was built for you. Designers, developers, marketers, and entrepreneurs. Create stunning landing pages, design a blog, customize your online store – everything is within reach!, you can check this link to know more about Elementor –> This link First, go to the Plugins section then click Add new.

Search for Elementor plugin. Install and activate

Next is search for Astra Starter Sites, install then activate.

Then go to appearance > Themes > Add new

Search for Astra > install then activate

After that, go back to “appearance” then click the “Astra starter Site”, choose Elementor builder then “next”. 🤘

You can choose from a wide variety of templates available in the library. You can customize the interface, edit the content; images, text, etc. There are free and premium templates, it’s up to you to decide. But for this tutorial, let’s choose and work on a free template available. let’s GO!!!!!🤩 Let’s just say you wanted to create a website for a restaurant. First and foremost, you have to choose an appropriate design template that will meet the clients’ guideline and requirement. In this case, if we want the customers to order online thru our website, we need to choose a template where food images are the main hero since visual elements have such a powerful impact on food choice, pictures can help attract customers interest especially if they are a first timer to your restaurant or website. for now, let’s use this template “BBQ template” 🙈 🐃 🐂 🐄

Keep the configurations as it is, then click > Import 🤘

Well done! 😉 Here’s your complete and fully functional website! Now, you can edit the text, change the images and customize the template as you like.🤩🤩 View Demo Video tutorial for this article will be posted soon 😉 stay tuned! Follow and like my Facebook page for the latest news and more tutorial 🤩 If you have any questions feel free to message me or shoot me an email info@kevinnisay.com How easy to create a WordPress Website